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from £0.61

1.5m Plastic household tape measure with black stop button.

from £0.66

Handy pocket sized 15m tape measure in a white plastic case printed with your details in full colour.

from £0.70

2m Plastic, key holder, house shaped tape measure (cm/in) with metal ring.

from £0.72

Tailors Tape Measurer with red button

from £0.77

Blake 1,5M measuring tape. 1.5M round measuring tape showing centimetres on one side and inches on the other. Plastic.

from £0.79

Flexible 1m steel ruler in square shape plastic with keyring

from £0.84

Habana 1M measuring tape key chain. 1M retractable, locking tape measure showing centimetres and inches. Slide locking button locks tape in place. Rubber grip. Metal split ring key chain. ABS plastic.

from £0.85

1m tape measure keyring with spirit level, available in three colours

from £0.89

Plastic, 1.5m BMI tape measure, with a white stop button, includes a weight (KG) and height (Mts.) indicator on the front. To be used for promotional purposes.

from £1.27

Measuring tape with carabiner. 1.78 metres long.

from £1.37

2m Calibrated tape measure with spirit level, memo Pad Printed, pen with blue ink and belt clip in a plastic casing.

from £1.54

2m Plastic tape measure with a wrist strap and belt clip attachment.



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